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Chris Weir

NMLS ID 315209

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At Premier Lending Group, Inc., we strongly believe in the servant leadership model. From an ownership and management perspective, this means that we believe our role is to work for our employees. Our goal is to help our employees not only meet, but to exceed their personal and professional goals.  We work hard to give our employees the support, training, tools, and independence to be successful, in the atmosphere in which they desire and are most comfortable.  Whether you like to be in the team environment or like to work in an individual setting, like to be hands on or hands off of your files, we believe in creating the environment and structure in which you feel comfortable.

Easy Onboarding Process: 

At Premier Lending Group, Inc., we make your on-boarding process quick and easy to ensure that your transition to Premier Lending Group, Inc. is a smooth one.  We will also send an announcement to your past and present clients, and referral sources informing them of your terrific move to Premier Lending Group, Inc.

Support Services:

At Premier Lending Group, Inc., we believe in keeping your time free to do what you do best – market your services to obtain new loan applications.  So, we provide all back-office support services, such as disclosures, processing, underwriting, closing and funding of your deals. We also provide automatic marketing, and on-going product and sales training to help you shine above your competition.

Executive Level Access:

In many organizations, it can be difficult to obtain access to management to share ideas and concerns. At Premier Lending Group, Inc., we have an open-door policy so you’ll have one-on-one, direct access to Corporate-level management.  We strongly believe in employee input into our processes and services to ensure that we the ultimate workplace for our employees.