Marketing & Technology

At Premier Lending Group, Inc., we embrace technology to optimize the loan process and all employees are provided with the most comprehensive and cutting-edge technology available.

Automated Loan Application Process

At Premier Lending Group, Inc., our entire application process is fully automated:

  • Smart 1003:  Our cutting edge 1003 is an intelligent based application provides a dynamic borrower interview so no “non-applicable questions” are asked.  This makes the loan application process quicker and easier.
    Loan Origination Software:  Take applications and have full access to your pipeline;
  • Mobile App:  Full access your entire pipeline from your mobile device.
  • Automated Pricing Engine:  Get the most competitive pricing - quickly
  • Secure Document Upload:  Applicants can electronically upload their supporting documents to our secure portal eliminating the time, effort and money normally associated with copying, scanning or mailing documents
  • Electronic Disclosures:  All disclosures are electronically provided to applicants making the disclosure process more efficient, quicker and easier
  • Early CD:  Early CDs are electronically provided to applicants to allow for a quicker closings
  • Reporting: Cycle time reporting to track performance for each job function in the organization.

Automated Marketing Technology

Premier Lending Group, Inc. helps our employees stand out above our competition by providing:

  • Marketing CRM:  Our CRM is set to “set it and forget it” meaning that once you've inputted a prospect, an applicant, or a referral partners information into our LOS or CRM system, our CRM will do the rest. Our system is fully integrated into our LOS so that all loans and parties involved on loan transactions are automatically updated on loan status changes. Our system also generates marketing campaigns for life so that you continue to market to and get business from past clients and referral partners without lifting a finger.
  • Branch/LO websites: Available for all to have a place for clients to complete your personalized 1003 that automatically import in the LOS.