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Bridge Loans

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What are Bridge Loans?

Bridge loans are a type of short-term financing that helps borrowers buy a new home before selling their current one by providing immediate funds to the borrower.  Bridge loans are typically repaid when you sell your old home or refinance with a permanent mortgage.

We can also buy your house for up to 100% of its’ current value and close within 10 days.  You can also buy it back for up to 12 months after you sell it.

Enjoy a great lending experience when you have a devoted Premier Lending Group loan expert help you understand the best options to meet your needs.

Benefits of Bridge Loans

You are provided with immediate funds without having to wait for your house to sell
You can make a competitive offer on a new home without contingencies, which can increase your chances of getting accepted by the seller
You avoid moving twice or renting a temporary place while waiting for your old home to sell
You have the ability to sell your house immediately if you need additional funds
You can obtain up to 80% of your homes value and receive the remaining proceeds upon the sell of you house
Flexible income and credit requirements
No prepayment penalty
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