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Securities Loans

What are Securities Loans?

Securities loans allow you to use your liquid assets, such as cash, stocks, bonds and mutual funds, as collateral for a loan.

Securities loans can be very helpful for borrower with substantial assets.

Benefits of Securities Loans

Fixed-Rate and Lines of Credit are available
There is no personal guarantee for the loan
Your employment information is not needed
Your income is not needed
Your credit is not needed
The money that you borrow can be used for any purpose, such as buying additional securities, buying a home, buying a car, remodeling your kitchen.
Continue to earn dividends, interest, and appreciation in value from the collateralized assets
Flexible repayment options
Can repay the loan by making payment towards the balance
Can apply any dividends, interests, and capital gains towards the balance
Can sell securities to repay loan
Can give the securities to the lender as repayment
Potential tax benefits on interest paid
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