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Down Payment Assistance

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What is Down Payment Assistance?

Down payment assistance occurs when a portion of the down payment is provided through another source, such as a government or private entity. Saving for a down payment is often one of the most significant barriers to home ownership, meaning that a DPA program like this one can be useful for borrowers seeking a more affordable lending solution when getting an home loan.

We understand that buying a home is a big purchase, and sometimes a little help goes a long way. Some individuals, couples, or families may not have the funding necessary for a customary down payment when the perfect home comes along — even if they qualify for a home loan in every other respect. For some, keeping out of pocket costs to a minimum could mean the difference between buying now and waiting several years to become homeowners.

Enjoy a great lending experience when you have a devoted Premier Lending Group loan expert help you understand the best options to meet your needs.

Benefits of Down Payment Assistance

Buy a home sooner
Most flexible income and credit requirements of all loan types
Live closer to work
No first-time homebuyer requirement
Grants and forgivable options
Talk to an expert about your real estate financing needs today

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