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ITIN Borrower Loans

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What are ITIN Borrower Loans?

ITIN borrower loans, also known as ITIN mortgages or ITIN loans, are a type of mortgage loan that allows people who do not have a Social Security number to buy or refinance a home in the US.  ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, which is a number issued by the IRS to people who are not eligible for a Social Security number but need to pay taxes in the US.

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Benefits of ITIN Borrower Loans

Can help people who are living and working in the US without proper documentation or legal status to achieve homeownership.
Can help people who have a spouse or dependents who do not have a Social Security number to include them in the loan application
Can help people who are in the process of obtaining legal status or citizenship to buy a home sooner rather than later.
Flexible down payment requirements depending on credit
Low closing costs and great rates
Most flexible income and credit requirements
No prepayment penalty on most loans
Easy to use gifts for down payment and closing costs
Primary Residences, Second Homes, and Investment Properties allowed
1- to 4- unit properties allowed
Up to 40 year fixed-rate and adjustable-rate terms
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