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Profit & Loss Statement Loans

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What are Profit and Loss Statement Loans?

P&L Statement Loans are loans that are based on the P&L(Profit and Loss) statement of a business as proof of income, rather than on the tax returns or other income documents. These loans are specifically designed to help self-employed borrowers or business owners, who may have difficulty proving their income with traditional methods.

Benefits of P&L Loans

Can be used to purchase a new home or refinance an existing home
Available on primary residences, second homes and investment properties
You can qualify for a loan even if you have a low taxable income due to deductions and write-offs
You can use your P&L statement to show your income potential and growth, rather than relying on your tax returns or other documents that may not reflect your true earnings
Flexibility to accommodate those who may not have the traditional income documentation
You can save time and hassle by providing fewer documents and paperwork
Larger (Jumbo) loan amounts allowed
Up to 40 year fixed-rate and adjustable-rate terms
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